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Actionable Insight From Leading-edge Retail Analytics Platform

Our data analytics platforms automate the collection of product supplier sales data from disparate systems either from EDI852, Excel, PDF, or a vendor portal across multiple retail partners.Our fully managed analytics platform processes your business EPOS data transforming it into visual analytics dashboards every week. Our aim is to help product suppliers spend less time extracting data and more time making business-enhancing decisions from it.

How can Retail Analysis help your business

forecast inventory needs

Easy to determine which items to phase out or re-assort, becoming a trusted resource for your buyers.

optimize inventory

Easy to determine demand at a store level, making it easier to respond to hot-selling items and local preferences.

plan store-specific assortments

Analyze store clusters by geography, demographics (population, income, age, ethnicity, etc.), and weather conditions to identify where the sales are strongest/weakest to see where adjustments to product mixes are needed.

complete view of product and performance

Visibility into product performance across all your sales channels uncovers profitable new opportunities.

monitor sell-through rate

“Report card” for all of your products to understand which of their products (or product lines) are studs and duds across various regions and store formats.

monitor promotions effectiveness

Store level profit and loss analysis, plus understanding of costs and profitably of total sales, promotions, and special deals.

one stop retail analytics platform

Automated solutions

Our analytics platform collects then transforms critical pieces of EPOS data into valuable insights on a week or monthly basis based on business needs.

Advanced analytics and graphical representation

Built with prebuilt retail industry standard metrics, our systems employs sophisticated presentation techniques such as heat maps, charts, and dashboards to present actionable insights.

Unlimited expert support

With more than 15+ years of experience with retail analytics, our staff of analysts are highly trained and uniquely qualified to identify potential data issues and solve problems before they impact your business.

Avoid Costly Disruptions

Our analytics platform and all your business data are store and hosted in a secured environment which helps you ensure all your sales channels are running smoothly.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

  • Business users can simply access our analytics platform anytime, anywhere via a simple web browser, with support for mobile devices included.
  • You have instant access to the latest information as it is refreshed in the hosted environment.

Customize Dashboard, Reports and Actionable insight

  • Our customized dashboards enable business user to view data how they want, by drag and drop option with multiple attributes such as retailer, brand, category, geography or UPC and many more.
  • It allows you to set up custom alerts to share scheduled reports via email.

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